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Promenade Earrings
Virginia Brase
New everyday earnings

Love this product. So comfy to sleep in.

Quinn Earrings
morgan hegman
review of quinn earrings!!

LOVE these earrings, don’t tarnish! look brand new and i haven’t taken them out for a week!!

Nevis Earrings
morgan hegman
review of nevis earrings

LOVE these earrings, don’t tarnish! look brand new and i haven’t taken them out for a week!!

Bow Earrings
Nina Mathieu

These are fabulous earrings!!!! SO cute and you can really tell they are amazing quality. Love these. Buy them.

Rosse Earrings
ans azpeitia

I wore them every day for like 2 years and i ended up losing them they are the perfect everyday wear! i had them in gold

I’ve been wearing them every chance I get.

They’re the perfect size for any occasion.

Aaliyah Russ
Love Love Love!!!

I absolutely love this necklace! It is super cute and light weight! I have worn it everyday since getting it! If you’re debating on getting this necklace, this is your sign to GET IT!!!

Patti Kimmel

I’ve been wearing everyday 🥰🥰

Nevada Earrings
Alisia Maria
Every Day Chic

I can't say enough about these golden beauties. This set is ultra chic, luxurious, versatile and can be worn worn casual or formal outfits. I had no allergic reactions after a long day of wear, which is a plus!

They're inspired by the 90s chunky gold vintage style, which I love! They came as a beautiful Christmas surprise to me, after placing my original order for the Nile Earrings - I initially couldn't decide between the two, so thank you Soiree for showing love, loyalty and appreciation to your customers!

Nile Earrings
Alisia Maria
Nile Earrings - Made for a Goddess

This gorgeous pair is exactly as advertised, size and dimension wise. As someone with a
high sensitivity to costume jewelry metals, I had zero reactions after a full day of wear, which is a huge bonus and so vital for customers like myself.

The drapping chain design is unique compared most earrings I've seen in stores, which is why it stood out to me the most - they're elegant with a mix of edge. The pop of emerald makes a wonderful embellishment for any special occasion, and goes especially well with green, gold, black and neutral colours.

I'm extremely happy with my Soiree purchase, and will definitely be adding more to my collection. 💚✨

Lucille Ring
Ambassador Elle
I love this ring!!

This ring is so cute! I love that it is adjustable!


very beautiful

so pretty

very pretty earrings 🩷🩷

Absolutely love this piece!

This has become my new staple piece, I wear it every day! I workout, shower, etc in it and it looks perfectly clean and untarnished. definitely recommend buying.

Nero Earrings
Chloé Laforge
A staple!!

These are my new go to earrings! Just love them!!

In My Heart
Emma Kavanaugh

i love this necklace sm. i have had it for a few weeks and it has not tarnished or turned my skin green which usually happens with metal jewelry for me! so i am pleasantly surprised! i wear it almost every day.

Themed Mystery Gift
Julianna Manrique

I absolutely love my themed mystery gift, I got this pair of really cute astrological earrings and I've gotten so many compliments on them!

High quality

This necklace was a beautiful purchase! Exceeded my expectations & it’s a high quality design. The necklace went through showers, lotions, & sweat and the necklace never lost color and it didn’t stain my neck.

Carin Bracelet
Bianka Louisseize Taylor

My favourite bracelet, I get so many compliments on it!!

Tarot Block
Bianka Louisseize Taylor
In love!!

Absolutely adore this piece of jewelry, so flattering & wearable everyday!!

Themed Mystery Gift
Juana Reichhardt

This was so fun! I got the baddie one and I love my spikey earrings! They’re so fun! Love surprises so this was a great buy!!!

Juana Reichhardt

This necklect is perfect for every day. It’s very dainty and i love stacking it with other necklaces as well!!! Doesn’t tarnish at all!!!

Angel Number Ring
Juana Reichhardt

I have found my everyday ring. It’s so cute and small and dainty I wear it every day. I love that I can stack it with any other ring and that it doesn’t tarnish at all!

Linnea Ring
Juana Reichhardt
Cutest thing ever!

This ring is so cute! I love pairing it and stacking it with other rings as well. I love the white accents on it!

Cairo Bracelet
Juana Reichhardt
Staple piece!!!

You NEED this bracelet in your collection. I use it every day and it’s such a staple piece of jewlery that every girl needs. I’ve worn it every single day and I love it, it doesn’t bother me and it doesn’t tarnish either!!!! GET IT NOW!!!!!